Saturday, 7 August 2010

Wayne Rooney & Wellingtons

Wayne Rooney has spent £10k on underfloor heating for his doggies! Aww! Nice that they be kept nice and warm in their kennels... nicer still if they kept warm in the house but.... at least showing some love for them all the same! I wonder if he would like some of our "I ♥ MAN UTD" bandanas?

I Heart Man Utd

We went to the Northampton Umbrella Fair this afternoon on the Racecourse & got a chance to wear our new wellies! Yaay! The fair is only in it's 2nd year and is focussed on all things natural & earthy and a nice change from all the commercialism found at the Balloon Festival.  We met some nice Etsy sellers & also tried some yummy 'raw' chocolate... mmmn! xx

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