Sunday, 29 August 2010

Love for London

On Friday we headed to the bright lights of London for a girly day out with Mum & Nicola and we had sooo much fun! Besides admiring the pretties of Harrods' jewellery departments & the beeeautiful Chanel collections *wistful sigh* we all went crazy for the 'Pet Kingdom' dept. on the 4th floor which was choc-a-blocka full of woof-a-licious designer beds, clothes & toys including Roberto Cavalli's very glamorous pet collection ...BUT then we saw that they also sell puppies and were not happy AT ALL!! Very angry indeed that puppies for sale in a department store. They are behind glass and in a 'reasonable' size space which we assume & sincerely hope is air conditioned etc but there is no daylight, mama dog OR love and attention. It isn't nice at all to have people staring at them like they are in a fish bowl and taking pictures despite the 'no pictures' signs... not a good start in life even if it is in the most famous & expensive store in the world. We assume that they must have been checked out by the RSPCA but who stays with them at night etc??  If anyone knows anything, letting us know would be greatly appreciated - the cashier didn't really want to talk about it so we left. Really do not think it's neccessary to have them in there at all - purely gimmic. Hmmpff!!!

*and breathe...*
Other doggie-themed wares in the famous gold & green store included aprons, brollies & of course the Harrods doggie himself on EVERYthing you can imagine. Here are couple of our faves... although sadly the electric lighting has given all my pics from inside a funny orange glow...eek!

After our little outrage we headed to the Manolo shop where a very chic little chihuahua was shopping with her mum... unfortunately she was camera shy ... unlike Nic who can be seen here modelling her gorgeous new boots from the AW collection:

Also fell in looove with this doggie themed jumper & these yummy (and surely mega mega expensive!) cakes before having a lovely lady from the Mac counter show us how to contour our cheeks!! Lols x x

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