Monday, 29 November 2010

Buzz is on Facebook

Buzzy now has his very own Facebook profile!! Come say 'Hello!' and add him as a fuurriend here! x x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hero doggies!

Check out these two gorgeous German Shepherd's... they are real-life Lassie dogs! So clever & brave! 

Their owner, Les, is diabetic and when they were out for a walk together he slipped into a diabetic coma! Clever Ellie (left) and Jones knew something was very wrong and while Ellie stayed by his side and licked his face to try and keep him conscious, Jones ran home to alert Les' wife Jo. He got their attention and lead them back to Les who made a full recovery. Such clever doggies!! 
Both are rescues and Jo says: 

"[Jones] is a recovering agoraphobic so to come back alone we knew it was for a good reason... I ran out and found Les collapsed on the floor with Ellie by his side. I think the dogs saved his life. The dogs mean the world to me and I'm so proud of them. If Jones hadn't have come home, Les could have died."

You can read the full story at by clicking on the title link x x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Rave Review by Buzz

*woof woof, wagging tail* Hello Hello!! My name is Buzz, you may have seen me before in the pictures Michaela is always taking of me in my bandanas? Today I have taken over the Puppy Love blog!! I am so excited to be writing my very own article... and am feeling very important indeed :) 

I am here to tell you all about these very clever bells called 'Poochie Bells' that help me let the humans know when I need to go out and spend a penny! They were sent to me by those lovely people at Dougal's Den in the summer and it has taken me a little while to get used to them but now I love them so much! Not only do they look very cool but they are sooo useful!! The ribbon strap just hooks over the door handle (or a hook) and the bells dangle down for us doggies to ring with our noses! They even have little poppers so they can be adjusted to your height! Mine are black & white paw print. I got a little tag to wear on my collar too!

I've never been much of a talker, other than when people come to the house and then I make lots of noise ... well a doggy can't be rude can he?! ... and so often Mummy and Michaela wouldn't know when I needed to go out if it wasn't at one of my usual times of the day. That meant I would sometimes go and do a naughty in the spare room and then get told off... which wasn't nice for me at all & Mummy always looked so sad after she had to tell me off. She often said she wished I could make more noise when I wanted to go out but I just didn't like to bother her and tried to hang on as long as possible. Now with the Poochie Bells, I can go to the door and all I have to do is nudge the bells with my nose and *ring-a-ling-ling* ... Mummy comes to let me out! 

The training was very straightforward, but I can get abit confused sometimes so it took me a little bit longer to learn. When I was a little puppy I didn't live here and I got knocked on the head alot by nasty people who wanted me to fight and I think that's why I get muddled. All Mummy had to do was ring them and then give me big hugs and praise ...lovely!!... before I went out and slowly I realised that if I ring them myself I could get more big hugs when I come back in! :) If I've been very good maybe a biscuit too *paws x-d* but my little sister is a genius and pretends to do good things for treats so Mummy can't always give us biscuits... *little sulk* Honey was a little bit scared of the bells to start with and wouldn't come out AT all which was difficult but I think I have managed to reassure her now that they are great and won't hurt her at all. She is still a little wary but as we always go everywhere together, I just ring them for her and she follows me out so long as the door is open and she can't see them. The Poochie Bells really have made such a difference to me and I am so grateful to Lynn & Dougal from Dougal's Den for letting me be their tester. It is a very big honour indeed! They have lots more wonderful things over on their site, so be sure to check it out! Especially as Christmas is coming! Lots of prezzie ideas for us pooches :)  *lots of licks and huggles* B

Monday, 8 November 2010

Christmas is coming!!

OMD! How time flies!! Just 47 days to go until Christmas!! 

Craziness. *heads spins* Seems like only last week we were doing our summer shows! We loooove this time of year though - all the lights & glitter & getting all cosy and warm in front of the fire. We have been busy the last couple of weeks getting together our Xmas collection for you... coming soon will be stockings and Xmas prezzies for doggies & owners too. Keep checking back for listings & updates! First up, we have our new Christmas bandanas, modelled once again by BNTM Sir Buzz:

♥ Cute as Christmas ♥

You can buy direct from us by clicking here or on Ebay here... and FREE P&P as always :) x x
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