Friday, 13 August 2010

Birthday Girl!

Today is Honey's 4th birthday! Yaay! We made her a special party dress ... white cotton jersey with a black lace skirt and baby pink glittery trim PLUS 3 polka-dotty & rosebud bows down the back... very girly & pretty! 

And not wanting to be left out, Buzzy donned a pair of wings for the party... lols! Although we're not sure he looks as cute as Mops the Pug, who we met at Dog's Trust Salisbury's Fun Day, did in hers...

Birthday girl even did some dancingAfter aLOT of yummy treats (including some doggie birthday cake!!) & dressing up fun, though, she was cream-crackered!! xx

"Night night lil sis!" -Buzz
P.s. Honey would like to know what you think of her dress please? Is she a trend-setter? x

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