Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's Tropical again... important RSPCA Heatwave Pet Safety Tips!

Sad news again in the press... another 2 dogs have died after being left in a car in the hot weather. The devastating thing is the handler had already lost another dog 7 years ago after leaving him in the car.... makes us angry! Hopefully he will be dealt with accordingly. Dogs dying in hot weather after being trapped in cars is tragic, cruel and unneccesary... *sigh* We posted these tips during the last little heatwave back at Easter and they really are essential.... please pass on to all your friends!

Temperatures in cars can rocket in this kind of weather, up to 47 degrees in just an hour when it is 22 degrees outside! Brain damage in dogs starts at 41 degrees. Also, don't forget that suncream is not just for humans... any delicate areas and 'pink bits' will need an application. Check out these fab top ten tips for keeping your pets safe in the sun from the RSPCA:

1. Your dog should always be able to move into a cooler, ventilated environment if he/she is feeling hot.

2. Never leave your dog alone in a car. If you want to take your dog with you on a car journey, make sure that your destination is dog friendly – you won’t be able to leave your dog in the car and you don’t want your day out to be ruined. If leaving your dog at home is the best  option because of the weather, 
always ensure that his/her needs are properly catered for.

3. If you have to leave your dog outside, you must provide a cool, shady spot where he/she can escape 
from the sun at all times of the day.

4. Make sure your dog always has a good supply of drinking water, in a weighted bowl that can’t be 
knocked over. Carry water with you on hot days and give your dog frequent, small amounts.

5Never leave your dog in a glass conservatory or a caravan. Even if it is cloudy when you leave, the
sun may come out later in the day and could become unbearably hot.

6Groom your dog regularly to get rid of excessive hair. Give long-coated breeds a hair-cut at the start of 
the summer, and later in the season if necessary.

7. Dogs need exercise, even when it is hot, but walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening. Never allow your dog to exercise excessively in hot weather.

8. Dogs can get sunburned too – particularly those with light-coloured noses or light coloured fur on their 
ears. Ask your vet for advice on pet-safe sunscreens.

Great tips! Make sure you share them with your friends! Also be aware of the signs of Heatstroke and what to do should you think your pet is suffering from it. The most obvious sign of heat stroke in dogs is excessive panting and profuse salivation. Other signs include:

  • Overly red or purple gums
  • A rapid pulse
  • Lack of co-ordination, reluctance or inability to rise after collapsing, seizures, vomiting or diarrhoea

You must act fast! It is LETHAL!

According to the RSPCA:

  •  Pets should be moved to a cooler spot straight away before ringing your vet for advice immediately.
  • Douse your dog with cool (not cold) water. You could put your dog in a shower and run cool water over him/her, spray your dog with cool water and place him/her in the breeze of a fan. Never cool your dog so much that he/she begins to shiver
  • Let your dog drink small amounts of cool water
  • Continue to douse your dog with cool water until his/her breathing starts to settle and then take him/her straight to the vets
To read the RSPCA's full article in PDF form click here.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Twitter Followers Bandana Prize Giveaway!

We are now only a few followers away from our 1500 twitter followers prize giveaway!! *excited* When we reach 1500 we will be giving away one of our signature style bandanas... the Red Paw Print as modelled here by handsome Mr Buzz:

The first tweetie to correctly answer the very easy quiz question will win!! Stay tuned for details!! x x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Swedish House Mafia's Doggie Heroes

Phew! We really have been 'working like a dog' the last few weeks here at Puppy Love HQ getting all ready & stocked up for the summer shows...which *drum roll please* start at Dogs Trust Snetterton!! Wooo! Now whilst sewing, always have MTV, Viva or one of the other wonderful music channels (oops, don't want to annoy any of them! Lols) on and love to sing along much to the amusement & maybe even annoyance of the neighbours I'm sure!! There are lots of great music videos out there, loving Jessie J's fun 'Nobody's Perfect' and the attack of the LMFAO zombie-dancers puts a big smile on my face everytime but this one by Swedish House Mafia really does take the bonio... I can't get enough of it & you may think silly, but it chokes me up everytime I see a good way though! :) It perfectly depicts dogs' loyalty, courage & all round beauty. They really do save my world! Enjoy! x x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Showbiz Saturday: Britain's Got Talent Dog Act Finalists

Happy Saturday everyone! This week's Showbiz Saturday post is dedicated to home-grown showbiz doggies... Unless you've been living in a cave (international Puppy Love-rs excused of course! ;) ) the last few weeks you'll know it's been all about Britain's Got Talent in the run up to the big final tonight. With acts such as Michael Collings, Razy Gogonea & much talked about in the press, 12 year old Ronan Parkes, it should be a great final...but we feel that the great British public have let us down with their voting habits yet again...there are no doggie acts in the final!!! *sniffles* Here is our little shout-out to all the gorgeous doggies who took part ... you're all totally P-AWESOME winners to us!!!! 

Pip & Puppy
Pip and Puppy were in the top 3 last night but the judges chose singer Michael Collings to go through to tonight's final. Absolutely gorgeous Pip and even more gorgeous Buddy wowed Simon Cowell, who wanted both acts to go through. As Pip sings note-perfect beautiful opera, little Buddy throws back his adorable little head and sings along. Soooo cute! We love you both & look forward to seeing more of you on the telly box!!

Angela & Teddy
12 year old Teddy the poodle is not the best doggie dancer in the world but he is definitely the cutest! In his twilight years, he is doing a brilliant job of jumping and reversing around objects and the piece du resistance... pushing giant balls and as shown here baskets! We think after his spot in the limelight, Teddy now needs to go home and have lots of relaxing time full of cuddles and treats and naps. Love you Teddy!

Donelda Guy with Mega & Biba
Mega & Biba are just soooo clever! And beautiful! We love their little sparkly anklets. Dog trainer Donelda Guy put on another brilliant show with the girls on Monday's semi-final. Dancing to Shirley Bassey singing Pink's 'Get the Party Started' the act was just so glam and fun! 2 of the best doggie dancers we've ever seen! Wooo... GO Mega & Biba!!

Mexican Mayhem
Mexican Mayhem are a fun little trio - Melanie and her two adorable little Chi's, Twizzle & Tucker. Melanie belongs to a training club and paid tribute to the late-leader of that club in Thursday's semi-final. Now, for us, what makes this act so fun is little Twizzle's complete headstrong minxyness!! It must come with the curls as our little curly madam is also rather minxy... whilst Tucker negotiates her obstacle course as directed by Melanie, Twizzle is having NONE of it!! Lols. We did think the loud bangs and pyrotechnics were a little unsettling for these two at the end of the act though and hope that they got lots of TLC when they got home.  Ai Chihuahua!! 

The Britain's Got Talent final is live tonight on ITV 1 at 7pm. x x

Don't forget, today is also Blog Hopping day... a great way to meet new furriends! Follow the all-new picture list after the jump >>
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