Thursday, 12 August 2010

Poochie Bells for Mr Poopy Bum!

Buzz is very proud to be doggie tester for Dougals Den over the next few weeks! He is testing out their new  Poochie Bells as we all know he needs to poop aLOT and we don't always realise that he needs to go out because he doesn't tell us... I think he gets embarrassed bless him! So, lovely Dougal and his secretary Lynn have sent us some Poochie Bells for him to try out & review. Poochie Bells are new to the UK & are bells that he will learn to ring when he wants to go out! It is such a simple method & no dog is too young or too old to train :) Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! Buzz is 8 ... or so he tells us! As he's rescue we can't be 100%! The bells hang on the doorhandle & before doggie goes out, we ring them & say "Outside...ring the bells!" then praise Buzzy & let him out. How simple is that? They come in all different designs ( we have paw prints... v cool! ) & you can buy them for just £9.99 here! And they come with a little collar tag too! P-awesome!!

We will be keeping you updated on Buzz's progress! Follow us on twitter for real-time updates!!

More pics after the jump!! >>

"hmmnn...what is this parcel from Dougals Den? It sounds fun when i move it *jingle jingle* "

"OOh... i looove tissue paper *shred shred*.. thanku Dougals Den! "

"These look interesting! Oh yes... Poochie Bells from Dougals Den! I am a tester!! It's v important u know!"

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