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PUPPY LOVE is... unique, tailor-made & one-of-a-kind. Our petwear ranges from bespoke dog coats to cute bandanas in almost a zillion designs to our ECO upcycled or handknitted dog sweaters... and all manner of other pet accessories! 

PLUS ... treats and gifts for owners and dog lovers too! We don't forget the two-legged here :) And it's all lovingly handmade here in the UK.

I have four very well respected experts who advise me on design and comfort in return for a juicy bone and extra cuddles. Many thanks & *strokes* to Buzz, Honey, Rodney & Lubo. 

PUPPY LOVE started when Buzz came to live with me in 2003. As a rescue, I wanted to make him feel as secure and pampered as possible - he had been beaten and was sooo skinny... it still gives me the leaky eyes when I think about it now. It came about during this time of convalescence that I gave him a red & white bandana from an old teddy. He loved it and enjoyed lots of compliments and fuss and quickly became very attached to his new accessory... so much so that when it came off for washing, I was confronted with one sad little Buzzy-face. So, I started making him more! I had a few orders from friends over the years for their pets but it wasn't until Spring 2010 that PUPPY LOVE was born... now, we have a whole range of items & one very smart Buzzy who loves to model his new wears.

Where to buy??  

PUPPY LOVE designs are available here on the site!!! Just click on the SHOP ONLINE TAB above! Also on Etsy.com here ... and Ebay under the user name puppy_love_petwear! Check out our p-awesome feedback! 

All PUPPY LOVE designs are one-off and handmade by me. I source all my materials from small sellers online and at my local market & our upcycled range of ECO jumpers supports various charities via their local shops.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a bespoke order, you can e-mail me ♥

Who inspired the PUPPY LOVE poster-girl...?

You might be wondering why the PUPPY LOVE poster-girl & mascot is an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier...well, she was inspired by, and in tribute to, truely the most beautiful little dog and best friend any owner could ever ask for... Dolly... or as she was affectionately known to me... my Dollydog.

She was a pint-sized Yorkie with a BIG personality who stole the heart of everyone who met her. Many a grown man was known to yield under her special brand of cuteness! From little children to old ladies, everyone wanted to say hello out on a walk & Dolly loved her adoring fans. She went everywhere with us - shops, holidays, parties and was so loyal but with just the right amount of minxi-ness thrown in.

So when I started to create the PUPPY LOVE brand, there was no question as to which breed would be the face. She is still greatly missed but I know she stops in from time to time just to check we are all behaving ourselves!

Photography by FreeDigitalPhotos.net Admin & Puppy Love Petwear
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