Friday, 26 August 2011

This week's Friday Funny... Jack Russell Terrier Jesse & his amazing tricks!!

As we were searching through t'ínterweb for this week's Friday Funny we came across the amazingly talented Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier.... and we are now, as Bella would say about Edward in Twilight, completely and irrevocably in love with him!!  

We were delighted to find that he has his very own website & also a blog at where you can see updates from Jesse and his gorgeous trainer, Heather :) Do go check it out and help vote for Jesse's furriend Mickey who is collecting votes to win 5 new beds for AZ Jack Russell Rescue... or vote here

Enjoy! x x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

We're all going on a Summer Holiday...

aToday we are off on holidays!! *Excited!*

We are visiting Daddy Puppy Love in Holland until the 3rd September so will also be there for my birthday which will be nice :) We haven't visited for ages where he was so poorly so we are really looking forward to it! We still be staying on his yacht which will be something new as I have never been on one before... I hope I dont get seasick! :S lols! But I do wish I could pack Buzz and Honeybun in the suitcase with me....
We will still be able to post while we are away so stayed tuned for updates of gorgeous Dutch doggies! I can't wait to meet Dad's doggie next door neighbour Kischa in the reals and see over the way doggie neighbour TomTom again. He is a little terrier cross with a mind of his own - his name is TomTom because he goes off on little walks by himself if he isn't watched 24/7 but always finds his way home

This means that whilst we are away, the Puppy Love Online Store & eBay shop are 'closed' but you can still order while we are away & we can respond to messages etc, it's just that any orders will be made up and despatched from Sept 5th :) x x

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Showbiz Saturday: X Factor 2011, it's New Judges & their dogs!

Tonight the X Factor starts again on ITV and it's all change this year with 3 new judges joining Louis Walsh on the judging panel... Take That's *cue girly scream* Gary Barlow, gorgeous international superstar Kelly Rowland & the beautiful Tuilisa Contostavlos from N-Dubz. It's cycle 8 so it's good to see some new input and a fresh panel... plus, just like Cheryl Cole and Sharon Osbourne before them , the girls are animal lovers! Check out Kelly's adorable Yorkshire Terrier and Tuilisa's gorgeous staffie girl:

Meanwhile, Louis' pets, Jedward, are currently taking part in Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5! Lols!

Being Saturday, it's also time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!! Join in after the jump! x x >>

Friday, 19 August 2011

Northampton Market Square Dog Show & this week's Friday Funny

We're staying close to home  for this weekend's show.... about 5 mins walk away actually!! We are sooo excited for Sunday's Fun Dog Show & all round Fun Day in our hometown :) Last year we had a lovely time... after we got our head around the totally surreal feeling of being on our very own market square lols! This year the show is bigger & better with more stalls, more space and more fun and once again is raising funds in aid of local charity Animals in Need. They are a fab little charity in Little Irchester & really do rescue ANY animal in need, not just your usual pet menagerie. When I volunteered there I also helped look after hedgehogs, ferrets, squirrels, blackbirds...the LOT! Integrated into the site is Maxicare which is a dog rescue which along with taking in strays etc, also save dogs from pounds who put animals to sleep so they do an invaluable job and constantly require support & supplies so increased awareness through this event is fantastic. This weekend is also the 22nd annual Northampton Balloon Festival and we are hoping to catch up with our gorgeous staffie model Benson & his almost as gorgeous *winks* mama Jayne from Fake Bake Princesses who are visiting for the festival so if anyone is town for the Hot Air balloons, come down and say hi to us!! Entries are taken from 10.15am and you can download your entry form here

It's also time for our weekly Friday Funny & today's is one to make you squeal with delight. Here is the absolutely divine Kiwi, an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, discovering a lime wedge for the first time! Enjoy!! x x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dogs Trust Harefield West London Fun Day

You know what? We are sooo lucky to be able to spend so much time with so many gorgeous dogs! This Sunday last was the Dogs Trust West London Fun Day at Harefield & once again we were there with our stall having a fab time

It was our first time at the Harefield centre for their Fun Day (we go there alot for books etc when we visit The Millers though as it's only round the corner!) and we were so impressed with lovely Sian's organising - the site looked pawesome! There were yummy pancake & donut vendors, a cake stall with the biggest muffins I have ever seen, a little funfair section for the little ones, a petting zoo, tombolas & raffles and much more! 

The Puppy Love stall 

We were so lucky with the weather - it was tropical! Lovely sunshine all day :) And the sun brought out the visitors, at one point the queue for the car park was over half an hour up the road and there was a real possibility the car park would have to shut altogether! Which is brilliant news for the charity and all those dogs needing care and shelter. And check it out, its a HUGE Site...Wooo!

As the site is so local to Lee's family, they all came up to visit us which was really lovely! Even 92 year old Grandad Ben came along in his wheelchair ♥  

Mum fell in love with 10 year old Lurcher William who is in desperate need of a new home as he is getting increasingly distressed & depressed in kennels and is refusing to eat. He would have been coming home with her had it not been that he needs to be the only dog in the household so if anyone you know is thinking of rehoming please please mention him to them!

Laura @mistew on twitter came to see us too which was a lovely surprise & meant we got to see scrumptious Min Pin LJ in real life! Check out his adorable photo in the gallery! Her new London based dog walking company, Fun on all Paws, is doing really well & she is a sweetheart so be sure to check out her facebook page here

More pics after the jump or check out the full album on our facebook page... ! >>

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Football Team Dog Bandanas

Today the Barclays Premier League started again! For this Arsenal-loving household it was not really the start we had hoped for... sendings off, saying bye to Cesc Fabregas & Samir Nasri and an injured Jack Wilshere BUT for all you other football supporters out there we hope you enjoyed the first game of the 2011/12 season! Did you know that we have a fab range of football supporter bandanas available for your dogs? Here's scrumptious little Benji in his 'I ♥ Man Utd' bandana and gorgeous Rufus and Keagan showing their support for the other side of Manchester in their 'I ♥ Man City' numbers:

If you'd like one for your proud pooch, you can visit our eBay shop or if your team isn't listed, just drop us a line at ♥

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dogs Trust Salisbury Fun Day

So last Sunday was the fabulous Dogs Trust Salisbury (@DT_Salisbury) Fun Day!! It was our first Dogs Trust event of the summer after we had to cancel Kenilworth last month due to that evil summer flu I generously passed around to everyone *oops!* The day was once again a roaring success with lots of lovely stalls for doggies and their bipeds...including a doggie bobbing for hotdogs stall, a timed doggie dash, bric-a-brac, pancakes, beer tent, fun dog shows, an attempt to break the world record for the biggest simulntaneous sit and MORE! *and breathe*...

Once again we had a fantastic time meeting all the gorgeous dogs and their wonderful owners. The total raised is an amazing £18,450.53!!! Wooooo!! A big paws up to gorgeous Leslie who organised the day and is a constant   supporter of Puppy Love *big hugs lovely lady!* 

World record attempt in Progress - Photo by Helen Smith
Unfortunately there just weren't quite enough doggies to break the record of 629 but an amazing 463 did take part! Wow!! And it was such a lovely sight to see - and sooo quiet! I think alot of doggies got ALOT of treats over those 3 minutes :) 
Photo by Helen Smith

Photo by Helen Smith

We also met up with our 'I'm Deaf' bandana muse & model, Jasper!! It was sooo lovely to see him & his family again and hear  how well he is getting along now. He also won a rosette in the show! GO Jasper! Kathleen, Becca & his fursis Poppy have done so well training him and making him feel happy & secure - you're stars! Again Kathleen and family have been great supporters of our products - thankyou so much lovelies! *hugs* 
Photo by Helen Smith

We also met Helen Smith of Reflectionz Photography who is an amazing photographer and took some wonderful shots of the whole day AND the Puppy Love stall! They are awesome - thankyou Helen! And not forgetting Artist Patricia Davies who is a brilliantly talented lady - see her fab pet portraits at

So all in all a wonderful day making new friends and catching up with old whilst spreading the Puppy Love... we can't wait for next year Leslie! Book us in! ;) And be sure to check out the latest additions to our customer gallery - some real beauties! x x

Photo by Helen Smith
More photos after the jump!! >> 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London & UK Riots and the brave Police Dogs and Horses

We did have a blog post about Dogs Trust Salisbury ready to publish today but we just couldn't not mention the horrendous rioting that has been going on in London and now in cities across the UK over the last few nights.
Photo courtesy of the Daily Mirror 

I have certainly never seen anything like it in my lifetime, and i don't think I can think of another time in UK history when the drive behind such mindless violence and looting is seemingly just pure greed and destruction. All of us here at Puppy Love are sickened by the behaviour of these vandals and thugs - the majority of which are in their teens! It is scary and sad to think that this is what a portion of the next generation is capable of. They have no respect for anyone or anything - including themselves. There has been criticism as always of the police force but really with such limited resources and such a large number of rioters we think they are limited in the way that they can react. It is truly flabergasting to watch the footage on the news of these looters and how easy it is for them to cause such havoc with no police or otherwise around to grab them. But our biggest praise always goes to, surprise surprise, the animals. We never fail to be moved by pictures of the police horses and dogs who do such an amazing job and are so brave and calm in the face of craziness. Tonight on Sky news it was reported that 5 police dogs have been injured in the rioting so far and we are sending them lots of love in the #pawcircle to get well soon. They are so loyal and do their jobs so well... all for the reward of a tennis ball bless them! We also send out love to all those animals affected by the violence and of course their humans. Stay safe everyone and join the stand against the rioting by joining the Facebook group to clean-up here  or by using the twitter hashtag #riotcleanup and visit the site x x

Photo courtesy of Demotix

Photo courtesy of the Daily Record
Photo by Lee Massey

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