Saturday, 31 July 2010

Barkin' Busy!

Phew... what a week! Have been very busy bunnies here @ PUPPY LOVE HQ getting ready for Sunday! Less than 24 hrs to go now until Dog's Trust Salisbury Fun Day!! Very excited!! We have lots of new products to take with us including a big new batch of bandanas in Sailor Jerry style tattoo (pink & navy), Nautical, Camo, Tinkerbell prints & lots lots more... also our new "Race Cars not Greyhounds" Shoppers! Plus our staples of Oilcloth Pegbags, cushions, collars, jumpers & coats :)

Not only are we looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous DT doggies & activities going on throughout the day, but a little birdie told us that Mr Anthony Head a.k.a Giles (!!!) of Buffy Fame will be there. Sooo excited!!! There is also going to be real life storm-troopers around! Really looking forward to it. All set now, just need to do our stringent quality control & get the car loaded up ready to go. Then going to have a nice girly (Lee is at Arsenal today helping his Dad on the market stall ... it's the Emirates Cup! Yaay!) relaxing afternoon with Buzz & Honeybun and catching up with everyone... including those doing the Saturday Blog Hop! xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

So Heartwarming... ♥ ♥ ♥

This is such a heart-warming story... we were feeling quite tired & blah this morning and then read this & got the warm & fuzzies...

Holly the Lab-cross went missing FIVE years ago but her owners never gave up searching for her and they have finally been reunited!! *leaky eyes* No-one knows where she was & it is thought it will remain a mystery, but she was taken in by a Doncaster Dogs home, Mount Pleasant Kennels, where she was put on death row *even more leaky eyes*. But she was rescued by a lovely lady, Val, from Halfway Home Dog Rescue in Nottinghamshire who then fostered her. Her picture was put in up in the local Pets @ Home and her dad, Dennis saw it!! They were reunited & she even went to sleep in her usual spot as soon as she got home. Sooo sweet! Bless her, such a gorgeous girl... she is now 14 & back where she belongs :) xx

Beautiful Holly 

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Canine Cam!

I really want one of these for Buzz & Hunbun... a camera that clips onto your dogs collar & takes piccies at timed intervals to show you their view of the world! Brilliant! I have often wondered what goes on their little heads & how they see the world and although this isn't a video camera (yet!! I'm sure it will be next on the cards!) gives a lovely snap-shot into their world. In my opinion, it's better than a video in a way, getting little insights at intervals makes it all the more special. Check out the article for more details and pics of Seth Lakeman's gorgeous dogs... xx

You can buy the Pet's Eye View Camera from for £40 here :) x

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yummy yummy! Pub grub for doggies!

This morning we were scanning through the day's doggie news stories & we found this very exciting article in the Telegraph:

What an absolutely fantastic idea! Butcher's dog food have teamed up with Breakspear pubs and are doing a doggie dinner menu!! Yaay! Yummy yummy! To start with they are just available in two trial pubs - one in Gloucester & one in Goring-on -Thames but if it's a hit (which I'm sure it will be!!) they will be rolling out across the country. We can't wait to take our furry babies out for dinner with us!! Dinner is even served in a special Butcher's Dog bowl!! xx

"Bon-e Appetit!"

P.S. We are doing the Blog Hop again this week!! Looking forward to meeting lots of new doggie pals! x

Friday, 23 July 2010

How time flies!!

Oh how time flies!! Where has this week gone?! Lols. I can hardly believe it is Friday again. we have had a productive week here... now have lots of new designs & products ready for next weekend's Dogs Trust Fun Day. Here is a little taster:

PUPPY LOVE has joined Flickr at last. I have always had huge affection for Photobucket & love to make slideshows but I love the idea of adding locations to our pics and you can now see our complete gallery, including product shots etc, by clicking on 'PHOTOS' in our fantastic new Wibiya toolbar!  The toolbar is packed with great features so be sure to try it out - it includes direct links to the Puppy Love Facebook Group and even has a live chat!

Last night we also took part in our very first #keepfits on twitter! Sooo much fun!! Every Thursday night @henryandfriends / @henrysteiff takes a fun "keep fits" class for all anipals! Full of lovely people, it's a great way to make new twitter friends! xx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

World's First Ice Cream Truck For Dogs!!

Wow... check this out!! The World's First Ice Cream Truck For Dogs , "K99" , is making it's debut at the Boomerang Pet's Party this Saturday in London! With yummy flavours like gammon & chicken sorbet, if we get time to take Buzz & Honey or Rodney & Lubo we are definitely going to go visit the party in Regent's Park. It looks like it will be a great day out for everyone , and is for such a deserving cause too - all profits from the ice-cream van go toward the Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs. There are going to be just loooads of pet-themed activities & attractions - including face-paints, a Pink Panther styling salon, and pet celebrities!! Plus lots of educational stations too. A brilliant way to get kids interested in and educated about caring for their pets properly whilst having loads of fun! xx

"One flake or two...?"

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

NEW!! Special Greyhound & Lurcher Collection

Today I have been making bandanas for our new collection... Greyhound & Lurchers! Being so slender & graceful Greyhounds & Lurchers can be hard to find collars & bandanas for as they often need an in-between size... having beautiful long slender necks on tall bodies! So I decided to make them their very own collection of Puppy Love! All of our designs are available in Greyhound & Lurcher sizes and will be available on our stall @ Salisbury and coming soon to Ebay & Etsy. xx

Sunday, 18 July 2010


We are taking part in our very 1st Blog Hop! We are a day late...eek! we were so busy yesterday with bandanas & Arsenal so hope we are doing it right...anyone spot anything wrong just let us know! It's a great way to find new friends & follow fab pet blogs. Started by  by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of a Plume! xx


We have been working very hard getting ready for the Dog's Trust Salisbury Open Day on August 1st & this afternoon I decided to have a little rest.. which I have spent browsing for potential birthday presents to inspire Lee with. Found some fab dog themed bits which were just too cute to keep to myself so thought I would share. Enjoy! xx

 Click the pics to visit the stores!! 

Saturday, 17 July 2010

PUPPY LOVE is now part of the Network

PUPPY LOVE is now a star... a Blog Star

 DogTime Blog Network Badge

We are very proud to be part of the DogTime blog network indeed & will be wearing our star with pride! is a great resource...full of all manner of articles, tips from experts & owners, a gallery, fantastic blogs and more! xx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dog's Trust Salisbury Open Day


We have some very exciting news... PUPPY LOVE will be at the Dog's Trust Salisbury Open Day on Sunday August 1st! At the Kenilworth Open Day last Sunday we met the lovely Lesley & Lucy (and Lucy's gorgeous little doggie who was rocking her DT bandana!) from the Salisbury Dog's Trust Rehoming Centre who so kindly invited us to their open day & we have now booked our pitch!! So Salisbury here we come!! The day starts at 11am and goes on all afternoon and is such a great day out for owners & dogs. There will be a fun dog show, lots of fab stalls & even pony rides!! Only £1.50 to get in... bargain! And all the funds raised go to such a worthwhile cause. Click the link below for more details xx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

'Proud of You' Prezzi

Awww... I am a lucky girl... Lee got me a 'Proud of You' prezzi from him, Mum & Nana today! So sweet!! Big thankyous!!! :) Check out how awesome my new pink paw print wellies are!!! I absolutely LOVE them & am now rather glad of the recent drizzle as they can have their 1st outing.sooner rather than later.  xx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

PUPPY LOVE is now on Facebook!

PUPPY LOVE now has it's very own group on Facebook! Click the button below to join! xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dog's Trust Kenilworth Open Day

We had a great time today @ the Dog's Trust Open Day! Thankyou so much to Helen & the team there for being so welcoming & putting on such a brilliant show. It was great to see all the doggies out for the day and wearing their cute yellow Dog's Trust bandanas and OUR Puppy Love bandanas (!!!). It was fantastic to get such brilliant feedback from people - all of you that we spoke to... THANKYOU! Loved meeting our new customers & their owners... I have got some little stunners to add to the gallery too. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful (I was worrying yesterday about the prospect of soggy bandanas!) and it was such a lovely atmosphere - we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves meeting everyone and browsing and buying from other stalls. I also 'released' a Rainbow Brite sprite teddy from the Rabbit & Guinea Pig stall which was the cherry on the top of a gorgeous day... I have wanted one for 22 years...since I was 4!!  Lols. xx

Lots more pics after the jump!! >>

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Less than 24 hours!!

Less than 24 hrs to go now...!!! I spent today putting finishing touches to my display & getting everything ready for the stall tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the day & seeing all the gorgeous doggies & other stalls. And what tropical weather we have been having... sooo hot! Weather forecast says it won't be so hot tomorrow which is good for the dogs. I would take Buzz & Honey but I think that they will be happier chilling out at home than in the hot sun all day and little missy hates the car so much bless her. Am really excited to get feedback from  owners ... & doggies too of course!! ... on my products * fingers x-d everyone likes them!* :) xx

Friday, 9 July 2010

Just 2 days to go!!

"Tick tock.. tick tock... the time is counting down!!"

We are getting incredibly excited for Sunday's Fun Day @ the Dogs Trust! New items include oilcloth Peg Bags, a very cute collection of collars in sizes XS - XL (all on a special promotion of half price!!), Scotty Dog appliquéd tea-towels, & our special unique dog coat collection!

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

SEW Busy!!

I have been sooo busy these last few days getting ready for Sunday's Fun Day @ The Dogs Trust that I just haven't had a chance to post!! But I have got lots of new designs ready... including Pirate & Sleepy Dogs bandanas & cushions!! I managed to get some cotton in the same print as the oilcloth I use for my pegbags in red tones & greens! They are looking really cute. I also made some bunting for my stall & 2 little knitted jumpers which if I say so myself really are adorable! I do hope everyone likes the new designs - I have been sewing my little socks off. Infact, as I was searching for a smoking sewing machine graphic to make you smile, I came across this beeeauty of a sewing machine!!
I'm sure it's not as clever or precise as my trusty Janome 1580 but as anyone who knows me will verify... I am the biggest sucker for Hello Kitty!! Love Love LOVE her!! xx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

NEWSFLASH!! Puppy Love @ the Dogs Trust Open Day!!

"News just in... hot off the press!!!"

I am very VERY excited that PUPPY LOVE PETWEAR will be making it's début at the Dogs Trust Kenilworth Open Day on Sunday July 11th. As we have said before, we love the Dogs Trust and are so pleased to be part of their Open Day. The event starts at 12 noon and goes on all afternoon, including a dog show & training demonstrations. You can find more details here: 

and click here to see doggies to sponsor!

Mum had her summer updates through this week from Belle and Archie and they are both doing well and looking super-cute

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