Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's been a while...

We are so sorry it has been sooo long since we last blogged... we have been a little low again over the last few weeks and found it a little hard to keep up with everything so our poor blog has taken the brunt... After-all, we have to keep up with our orders...doggies (and kitties!) of the world need their bandanas!! But it has meant that our blog has been somewhat neglected! Don't normally like to talk about our ongoing battle with depression (which we refuse to give a capital D! lols) and anxiety as it gives power to it... but thought this was the perfect time to highlight one of our favourite charities.. Time To Change.

It really is a great charity, and making such great steps towards ending mental health discrimination & prejudice. There are so many long-standing myths and stigmas associated with mental health ... usually simply because people don't understand it. There is such a big umbrella it encompasses and unlike most physical ailments, you can't always see it & the hurt caused as a result. By visiting the website TimetoChange.org.uk you can get involved in all sorts of ways, one of the simplest ways is to pledge your support .. and all for nowt. No $$! 1 in 5 of us will experience depression at some point in our lives (cheerful stuff huh?! lols ;) ) and the more help and understanding out there for depression and other mental health conditions, the better!! :) You can also follow them on twitter @TimetoChange for updates on events in your area. M x x 

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Did you miss us? x

We have missed u! We have been neglecting our poor blog for the last few weeks... we have been sooo busy though helping poor Mum sort out her disaster area of a bathroom *loong story which includes burst pipes and a soggy house!*... buying new fabrics & getting together our AW10 collection for you... and being throughly emersed in a series of books by the amazing author, Sunny. More on them in a later post as soo much to say...  but for today... a sneaky peak at some of our new fabrics!

We have also got some seasonal prints in...including sppoookkky Halloween & Christmas! Can't wait to get some fab items made up in them... will keep you posted!! :) x x

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