Thursday, 22 September 2011 Dog Toys Review

Our Buzzy is one very happy dog at the moment... he was lucky enough to be chosen to do a review of 3 (yes, not 1...3!!)  fab new dog toys for one of t'interweb's best online pet shops...!! We already knew that Pets Corner online pet shop have so many fab items in stock so we were v excited when the parcel arrived.... here's what Buzz got to try out:

1) Great&Small Rubber Toy "Extra Bouncy...bring it on!"
2) Great&Small Rope Toy "Boring toy... pull the other one!"
3) Great&Small Squeak Toy "For dogs that live LOUD!"

First off we tried out the Rubber Toy which is a soft but sturdy rubber ring that you can throw, play tug with, or doggie can chew... Buzz has never had a dog toy like this before so was a little puzzled at first until I threw it, then  he bought it back to me with this face which I think pretty much sums it all up... H.A.P.P.Y!!! 

He also had a little chew on it later, holding it easily between his paws and we also played toss with it inside the house and as you can see here in our little video, it definitely has the paws up from Buzz:

I'm also very impressed at the is the toy after a whole afternoon of Buzzy's knasher abuse (usually his toys struggle to make it past a couple of hours entact! lols) and it still looks great. I think that it will certainly become one of his faves and last a loooong time too! Pawesome!

Next up was the rope toy tugger!! Now, Buzz always has a penchant for tuggers and I knew he was going to go crazy for this one... I wasn't wrong... Check out those canines!!

I did make a video of this too but he was just soooooo noisy that I've opted for pics instead. (I also fell over from the force when I let go of the other end which was slightly embarrassing and did not make for great footage! *blush*) The colours are lovely and vibrant and it also didn't get too mucky after being thrown and pawed around the garden which was a nice surprise :) It's soft but tough and Buzz also thinks it makes a nice nose warmer from the looks of it, and again it withstood lots of tugging and nibbling. He is a bit of a shredder after all, but I was pleased to see only little tufts had come free! 

Lastly we played with the Squeaky Ball which I was the most concerned about in terms of it's longeviety - tennis balls tend to have a max 1 hour lifespan once Buzz gets his paws on them as do any rubber/plasticy toys with air inside. However, as yet, he has not punctured it! The squeak is not very loud really which although dogs would probably enjoy it better if it was louder, I think owners will be very satisfied with indeed. It has a nice little squeak which is not at all irritating after long periods of play. Buzz very much likes the ball - infact out of the 3 I think it could be his favourite as he kept returning to it over the other two. He has always been very good at playing by himself and balls are great for that where they roll... here he is (looking somewhat cat-like actually! lols!) playing ball:

As you can see he really has been trying to chew on it with his sharp teeth and strong jaw but without making a hole yet :)

So...all in all... 3 wonderful, fun, and good quality dog toys from those fab people at!! From Mr Buzz and myself, thankyou so much lovelies! On the PetsCorner website it states that they are a family run business with a 'commitment to the environment & animal welfare' and 'with providing their customers with the best value' and I really do think that not only do they do that, but that this comes across clearly in all their products and price points - from cosy cat beds & Buzz-proof dog  toys to the more exotic reptile feeding equipment! Go check them out now!! ;) 

M & B x x

P.S. To see our furriend Teagan's review of her selection of toys from PetsCorner, head on over to her blog at by clicking here!

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  1. Good reviews. You sure are lucky to be reviewing toys
    Benny & Lily


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