Friday, 9 September 2011

Black Dog Appreciation Day

Today we are not doing our weekly Friday Funny as we want to talk about a serious cause close to our hearts. Today is Black Dog Appreciation Day where, worldwide, animal lovers celebrate  black dogs and highlight Black dog bias or Black Dog Syndrome. 

Now if you haven't heard of Black Dog Syndrome before, you will be as surprised as we were to find out that all those beautifully sleek, glossy furred, gorgeous black dogs and cats are more than often the last pets in rescue centres and shelters to find homes, if at all, because they are passed over in favour of the lighter coloured animals. And it's not just the bigger breeds or Heinz 57's that the phenomenon applies to - even the toy & pedigree breeds are affected. 

As you know we have two black rescue dogs in the Puppy Love family, Buzz and Lubo, both of whom spent a long time in the rescue centre waiting for us... Lubo was at the Mayhew for 3 months:

and also these three beauties in our extended family, where again Brook's fursis & bro Soxi and Dino are rescues:
Noone is 100% sure why this happens - it is thought that they don't photograph as well so aren't as appealing on adoption websites, and that people often still associate black with superstitions ie: black cats etc (although I always thought that a black cat crossing your path was lucky!?) Other theories put forward include the idea that in movies and the media as a whole black dogs are usually the aggressive, mean ones or that noone wants the dark fur malting. Personally I LOVE black dogs and cats but I must say when I went to the rescue centre all those years ago in Hull, Buzzy provided the perfect example of Black Dog Syndrome and I am eternally grateful to the staff there for spotting we would be perfect for eachother. He was stood there quiet as a mouse hid in the background away from us, whilst all the other dogs jumped and barked, and I think this is another factor. Certainly in the smaller rescue centres and shelters where it can be a little dark and gloomy, the black fur just doesn't show up :( A shelter in LA did a study to try and challenge the Black dog bias or Black Dog Syndrome by saying a full 28% of adopted dogs were black, but the facts still stand sadly... 

So, today help us promote how totally p-awesome black dogs and cats are and raise awareness of Black dog bias/Black Dog Syndrome! There is an event on facebook here  today with over 12000 people attending online where you can share pics of your black dogs and share your stories - sooo many gorgeous pups! x x

For more info on  Black dog bias/Black Dog Syndrome check out the links after the jump>>  

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