Friday, 30 September 2011

In Memoriam & Save Lennox BSL

Brook. Crossed OTRB 28/9/2011. Run Free sweetheart

In honour of our dear & beautiful furriend BrookCharlies Angel of Hilsider, who unexpectedly crossed OTRB this week, there is no Friday Funny this week. Instead, in her memory, we'd like to talk about BSL, Lennox & dangerous breed stereotypes. 

Dobie Brookie was the first Doberman I had actually had face to face contact with, and although loving all dogs big & small, I was a little weeny bit nervous incase she didn't like me! Now in the media, we hear about Pitbulls, Staffies etc as the 'dangerous' dogs, but when I was little, it was Dobies & Rottweillers. Of course though, my fears were completely unfounded!! The first time I met Brook I was confronted with a big, powerful, sleek barrel of love & soppiness :) We had lots of cuddles and kisses and I only wish there had been chance for more. I am truly heartbroken that the world has lost her beautiful doggy soul...BUT I do know she is rocking up a storm over in Rainbow Bridge right now with her brother Byron :) Our thoughts and prayers are with  her family, Karen, Neil, Kayleigh, Dino & Sox at this painful & sad time. Love you all!!

Today, a decision will be made on the fate of American Bull Labrador cross, Lennox, in Ireland. He is Micro chipped, Neutered, DNA Registered, Pet Safe Registered, Insured and Licensed every year with the Council yet on Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from the family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. They declared Lennox to be a breed of "Pit Bull Type" and so wish to kill him simply because of the way he looks... Racism anyone?! Belfast City Council took Lennox from his loving family home using a wrongly addressed warrant and copyright ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association) breed standards guide which the Council were never authorised to use. Lovely  Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the authorities have removed him from his home where he lives with his family kennel mate Juicy a 2 year old female boxer and various other foster dogs. You can find out more here. So, today, in memory of another doggie who would once have been looked at like she was a monster, everyone please join the #pawcircle of positivity for gorgeous #Lennox.

Breed-specific legislation, BSL, is, according to Wikipedia

"a law or ordinance passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws or ordinances pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds.

We firmly believe each dog, like every human being on the planet, is different & should be judged individually. Yes, like some humans are born and are just a nasty piece of work, you do get some dogs who are more volatile or angry, but for 99.9%, we believe any angry behaviour is down to the owners & the way the animal has been handled. Dogs, by nature, are loyal and loving to the humans that they idolise and rely upon. We could talk for hours on the subject, but I think this picture sums it up perfectly....

We have shared this image onto our facebook page wall, please share it with your friends and help spread the word. 

Under BSL, this little pitbull Sharky could be seized just like Lennox ... does he look like a dangerous dog to you? Do watch these videos, they are just beautiful x x


  1. What a nice tribute and info. Great poster/ad
    Benny & Lily

  2. Lovely post and info. Thanks.
    please, Spread The Word To Help Free Lennox, e-mail for your talk show hosts, etc.; links here:
    and sign petition

    Aprilo -


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