Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dutch Dogs, Sailing & Sewing

It's that time of year again already... Back to School. How times flies! But for us it has been Back to Sewing!! We had a fab time in Holland visiting Dad and learning to sail :) We even met this handsome chap who has years more experience sailing than we do... he has been sailing for 13 years!! Wowza! That sea-air must be good for you huh?! We met him in the harbour at Lelystad which was the first harbour we moored up in on our 3 day sailing trip. He had a fab bright orange doggie life jacket-coat which I must say was not only good to see for his safety but also looked very fetching & cosy. 
Infact, in general, the Dutch seem to be big animal lovers! We saw sooo many gorgeous dogs out running alongside their owners' bicycles, in little baskets on the front or in trailers behind... and of course just w-a-l-k-ing the usual way! And did you know...there is a tax on dogs in the Netherlands which is paid annually and calculated according to the number of dogs in the household. We are not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.... whilst promoting responsible dog ownership we fear it may also mean that the rescue rate is low and abandonment rates high. What do you think?

Being back at Puppy Love HQ means that the Puppy Love eBay shop is now back to business as usual, as is the Online Store here so if your little sea-pup is in need of  nautical dog bandana like Lubo is sporting below, you know where to go! ;) x x

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