Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Birthday Buzz

Today was Buzzy's birthday! Yaay! We think he turned 9 years old today but I always like to knock a little bit off for his vanity and my own fears for the future... so we'll say 8 and 3/4 :) Now, April 1st is Buzzy's chosen birthday and we can only guess his age because he was a rescue with no history what-so-ever other than a huge fear of everything and everyone and a big chunk missing from one ear. He was found wandering by the city's flyover, alone and terrified. When I think back to the first day he came home to live with me as my absolute rock at whilst I was living alone at University, I still get the leaky eyes and an ache in my chest. He was painfully thin despite being looked after so well by the small local shelter who had taken him in for the last few weeks and cowered at the slightest fast movement. He was particularly fearful of men and loud noises but with lots of love, patience and the help of my beautiful little Dolly, he gradually learned how to be a doggie and grew more comfortable in his own skin. He learned to play, which he had no idea how to do in the beginning and began to put on weight. He experienced his first snowstorm (very late for the UK really) and stood mesmerised in my little back yard looking up at the sky with me and occasionally looking back to me for reassurance that I was still there. That memory will be with me forever - it was the start of his blossoming into the happy, loving and playful boy I know today, and I could see he was beginning to love me as much as I already loved him. I chose April 1st as his birthday because it was his rebirth - the way it should have been the first time around...surrounded by love and kindness and warmth and comfort. Without Buzzy you would not be reading this blog and PUPPY LOVE would not exist... so Happy Birthday Buzzy and thankyou for being both a constant companion and truly my saviour. x x

To read more about Buzzy and how Puppy Love came into being, click on the 'ABOUT PUPPY LOVE' tab above for the full story and the inspiration behind our poster-girl, my Dolly-dog.

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  1. Oh handsome, handsome Buzz, Happy Birthday to you!!! You are an inspiration to woofies everywhere!


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