Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal Wedding bandanas SOLD OUT!

Only 3 more sleeps until the big day... we bet Kate and Wills are getting excited now for their big day! Nervous too! We have been sewing like crazy here at Puppy Love HQ making our Union Jack print Royal Wedding bandanas and have sold so many that we are now completely SOLD OUT! If you would like a Best of British bandana, we will be getting more fabric in next week but for delivery by Friday, as Bugs Bunny would say, 'That's all Folks!'.

We are sooo looking forward to adding more pics to the Customer Gallery and are so excited and honoured to know that on Friday so many doggies across the country will be sitting down to watch the wedding in their Puppy Love bandanas and having lots of fun at all the street parties they are going to... let's hope there's lots of left over nommies! BoL! 

It's all getting very patriotic with the flags going up along the routes in London and it really is nice to see the country getting excited and the media covering something lighter. We don't like to be ostrich-like but sometimes all the horrors of the world can get you down and it's nice to have some light-relief. How lovely do all the flags look on Regent Street?!

Do sooo hope the day goes off without a hitch as there are fears about protests and violence from opposing political & religious extremists .... makes us angry! How disrespectful can human beings be sometimes?! *Hmpfff* 

Where will you be watching? x x

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