Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Disaster Dye Job? Australian Lady dyes her Labradoodle's fur Tiger Print!!

Hmmn...we don't like this! *frowns* A groomer in New Zealand has dyed her Australian Labradoodle to look like a tiger! Jody Woodhouse, Celebrity's owner, owns her own grooming salon and in what we think is fun-gone-waaay-too-far has been showing off Celebrity to locals and now the World's press. Publicity stunt much?! *bigger frowns* The dye she used is 100% safe she assures the Daily Mail and this is the first time she has dyed her fur sooo much. 

Ms Woodhouse said: 
'This is such a nice way to make people smile and give them something to talk about.' 

I don't think poor Celebrity looks too smiley about it though! Dyeing ears and tails is routine in grooming salons for aesthetics but this is going much tooooo far we think. And poor Celebrity is stuck looking like Tony the Tiger until her fur grows out.... What do you think?! Would love to hear comments x x

To read the full article visit the Daily Mail website here.

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