Monday, 14 March 2011

Crufts 2011's all over for another year now after gorgeous Jet the flatcoated retriever claimed his THIRD Crufts title... this time as Best In Show! Jet is 9 and it was lovely to see an older doggie (who is still very much in his prime) take the title.... but to us they really are all winners! Every single doggie there (over 21,000 of them too) was absolutely beautiful to us and are awarded the Puppy Love 'You're P-awesome' award.

Photo @ The Daily Mail
We had a wonderful time there at the NEC on Saturday and met so many lovely people & doggies. There is so much to see and next year we will be going to 2 days for sure! We didn't go to the main arena and show-rings as really we just like to see the charity stalls and stands - like the wonderful Galen Therapy Centre who gorgeous Karen is training with and Support Dogs UK. Here is a demonstration of Canine Myotherapy in action... doggie was so relaxed, she fell asleep! 
Sarah from Galen Therapy at work

We also saw some fab doggie products, like the 100% bio-degradeable bowls at Beco Things. Here are a selcetion of the goodies we picked up:
Almost as soon as we arrived, we met up with Soxi's Mami & Papi, Karen and Neil who are truely two of the loveliest people in existence! We had such a giggle and Karen proudly sported her Puppy Love 'Race Cars not Greyhounds' Shopper all day. You can get one for yourself here! We can't wait to go visit them and gorgeous Soxi, Brooke and Dino later in the year :) 

Now, I know some of you will already have heard of serotonin boosters and how the sunshine can make you feel happier and is great for your well-being etc etc...maybe some of you wild-ones have heard of some of those recreational drugs too? Well, we have found something even better! It is very exclusive and we feel very lucky indeed to have been able to have been given some for free..... introducing the BEST smile and well-being enducing treatment on the planet... Cassie Cuddles!! ;) 
It was so lovely to meet support dog Cassie in the reals and her p-awesome mommy, Sylv who has the coolest hair-do and is truly an inpirational lady :) We found out too, that not only is Cassie extremely beautiful, she is also very very clever as she wasn't trained until she was 4. Before that she was Sylv's pet doggie. The bond between the two of them was so wonderful to see and gave us the *leaky eyes* when we left them. Happy leaky eyes though - not sad ones :) Hope we can visit them both again soon!! We are making Cassie a little fleecey hoodie for after her hydro-therapy sessions. 

A special shoutout also to Cassie's fellow support dog, and our newest twitter friend, Merlin and his girlie Grace who were in the final of Friends for Life at Crufts last night...they also gave us the happy leaky eyes... and we are so proud of them! Winners to us and all your twitter family guys! And to our little minxy-moo's family and breeder, Jackie from Hitmonchan Cresteds who was there showing off that amazing Hitmonchan gene pool! 

All in all, a fab time was had by by all! Lee even for-go-ed the Arsenal game to stay longer! That's saying something! Crufts 2012 here we come... x x

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Billboards all the way in....
Absolutely adorable! If only some sunshine...
You lookin at me?!
A paper-mache Chinese Crested
Sarah at Galen
Hard bottomed shoppers for our respective Mummies...
Looks like gorgeous model Luna
Floor plan! Mahuuusive! Shame it little dark..sorry! 
Thirsty work.... ;)
Say Cheese! 


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