Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London & UK Riots and the brave Police Dogs and Horses

We did have a blog post about Dogs Trust Salisbury ready to publish today but we just couldn't not mention the horrendous rioting that has been going on in London and now in cities across the UK over the last few nights.
Photo courtesy of the Daily Mirror 

I have certainly never seen anything like it in my lifetime, and i don't think I can think of another time in UK history when the drive behind such mindless violence and looting is seemingly just pure greed and destruction. All of us here at Puppy Love are sickened by the behaviour of these vandals and thugs - the majority of which are in their teens! It is scary and sad to think that this is what a portion of the next generation is capable of. They have no respect for anyone or anything - including themselves. There has been criticism as always of the police force but really with such limited resources and such a large number of rioters we think they are limited in the way that they can react. It is truly flabergasting to watch the footage on the news of these looters and how easy it is for them to cause such havoc with no police or otherwise around to grab them. But our biggest praise always goes to, surprise surprise, the animals. We never fail to be moved by pictures of the police horses and dogs who do such an amazing job and are so brave and calm in the face of craziness. Tonight on Sky news it was reported that 5 police dogs have been injured in the rioting so far and we are sending them lots of love in the #pawcircle to get well soon. They are so loyal and do their jobs so well... all for the reward of a tennis ball bless them! We also send out love to all those animals affected by the violence and of course their humans. Stay safe everyone and join the stand against the rioting by joining the Facebook group to clean-up here  or by using the twitter hashtag #riotcleanup and visit the site www.riotcleanup.co.uk x x

Photo courtesy of Demotix

Photo courtesy of the Daily Record
Photo by Lee Massey


  1. those riots are nutty..hopefully they will subside soon
    Benny & Lily


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