Saturday, 4 June 2011

Showbiz Saturday: Britain's Got Talent Dog Act Finalists

Happy Saturday everyone! This week's Showbiz Saturday post is dedicated to home-grown showbiz doggies... Unless you've been living in a cave (international Puppy Love-rs excused of course! ;) ) the last few weeks you'll know it's been all about Britain's Got Talent in the run up to the big final tonight. With acts such as Michael Collings, Razy Gogonea & much talked about in the press, 12 year old Ronan Parkes, it should be a great final...but we feel that the great British public have let us down with their voting habits yet again...there are no doggie acts in the final!!! *sniffles* Here is our little shout-out to all the gorgeous doggies who took part ... you're all totally P-AWESOME winners to us!!!! 

Pip & Puppy
Pip and Puppy were in the top 3 last night but the judges chose singer Michael Collings to go through to tonight's final. Absolutely gorgeous Pip and even more gorgeous Buddy wowed Simon Cowell, who wanted both acts to go through. As Pip sings note-perfect beautiful opera, little Buddy throws back his adorable little head and sings along. Soooo cute! We love you both & look forward to seeing more of you on the telly box!!

Angela & Teddy
12 year old Teddy the poodle is not the best doggie dancer in the world but he is definitely the cutest! In his twilight years, he is doing a brilliant job of jumping and reversing around objects and the piece du resistance... pushing giant balls and as shown here baskets! We think after his spot in the limelight, Teddy now needs to go home and have lots of relaxing time full of cuddles and treats and naps. Love you Teddy!

Donelda Guy with Mega & Biba
Mega & Biba are just soooo clever! And beautiful! We love their little sparkly anklets. Dog trainer Donelda Guy put on another brilliant show with the girls on Monday's semi-final. Dancing to Shirley Bassey singing Pink's 'Get the Party Started' the act was just so glam and fun! 2 of the best doggie dancers we've ever seen! Wooo... GO Mega & Biba!!

Mexican Mayhem
Mexican Mayhem are a fun little trio - Melanie and her two adorable little Chi's, Twizzle & Tucker. Melanie belongs to a training club and paid tribute to the late-leader of that club in Thursday's semi-final. Now, for us, what makes this act so fun is little Twizzle's complete headstrong minxyness!! It must come with the curls as our little curly madam is also rather minxy... whilst Tucker negotiates her obstacle course as directed by Melanie, Twizzle is having NONE of it!! Lols. We did think the loud bangs and pyrotechnics were a little unsettling for these two at the end of the act though and hope that they got lots of TLC when they got home.  Ai Chihuahua!! 

The Britain's Got Talent final is live tonight on ITV 1 at 7pm. x x

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