Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yummy yummy! Pub grub for doggies!

This morning we were scanning through the day's doggie news stories & we found this very exciting article in the Telegraph:

What an absolutely fantastic idea! Butcher's dog food have teamed up with Breakspear pubs and are doing a doggie dinner menu!! Yaay! Yummy yummy! To start with they are just available in two trial pubs - one in Gloucester & one in Goring-on -Thames but if it's a hit (which I'm sure it will be!!) they will be rolling out across the country. We can't wait to take our furry babies out for dinner with us!! Dinner is even served in a special Butcher's Dog bowl!! xx

"Bon-e Appetit!"

P.S. We are doing the Blog Hop again this week!! Looking forward to meeting lots of new doggie pals! x

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