Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sausage Saturday... Darling Dachshunds

Whilst checking through the daily pet news this morning, we found a rather disturbing article in one of the 'great' British tabloids (The Sun) saying that Dachshunds or as they are affectionately known 'Sausage Dogs' were on the endangered list?! And none other than rock and roll superstar, Liam Gallagher, was planning on championing their cause! He and Nicole Appleton own a little doxie called Ruby and last year he was the face of PupAid. Thankfully...after some frenzied internet research, we can't find any evidence of the adorable breed being endangered! *phew* In fact, in the USA, these cuties are one of the most popular breeds :) We thought, what with it being #sossidgesaturday on twitter... it was the perfect day to highlight the breed. Here are some p-awesome facts about the gorgeous Dachshund:

  1. The name Dachshund comes from Germany and means literally 'Badger Dog'... doxies were bred for hunting back in days gone by! Germany, they are more commonly known as Dackels.
  2. Dachshund paws are especially shaped for digging! 
  3. Some people race their Dachshunds...we don't know quite how we feel about this. If doggies genuinely enjoy chasing and are well looked after, it can be a fun experience for them but we HATE racing for the number of doggies left homeless or worse once their careers are over. 
  4. The German Olympic Games in 1972 chose a Dachshund as their mascot! His name was Waldi.
  5. Famous Dachshund owners include Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Donald Rumsfeld.
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