Monday, 10 January 2011

Hero dog Sarbi reunited after over 2 years lost in Afghanistan

Wow! This is a lovely doggie story! Gave us the *leaky eyes*...
8 year old, Black Labrador Sarbi, an Australian 'Explosives Detection Dog' went missing in action after a bloody ambush in Afghanistan in November 2008... her handler, Sargent D, was injured in an explosion and the buckle holding the pair together snapped! Poor Sarbi may have been disorientated and probably scared and sad too...and she just disappeared!! No-one knows where she has been, and there has even been talk that we captured by the Taliban *gasp* However, over 14 months later surviving in the desert, this brave little dog was spotted by an American soldier walking alongside a local man. Yaay! She was flown to the Australian army base and plans set in motion to get her home! Sargent D has to remain anonymous for security but we bet he has a great big smile on his face right now!

Sarbi and Sargent D have now been properly reunited & he will assess her to see if she will be going back to work, or becoming a lady of leisure at Sargent D's home. In Australia, she has become somewhat of a little doggie celebrity!! Fab news! And there is talk of her being awarded a medal too. Brave girl!

Major General John Cantwell with Sarbi before her flight to Australia. Photo: Nick Moir

Sarbi has her own facebook page here! x x

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