Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hero doggies!

Check out these two gorgeous German Shepherd's... they are real-life Lassie dogs! So clever & brave! 

Their owner, Les, is diabetic and when they were out for a walk together he slipped into a diabetic coma! Clever Ellie (left) and Jones knew something was very wrong and while Ellie stayed by his side and licked his face to try and keep him conscious, Jones ran home to alert Les' wife Jo. He got their attention and lead them back to Les who made a full recovery. Such clever doggies!! 
Both are rescues and Jo says: 

"[Jones] is a recovering agoraphobic so to come back alone we knew it was for a good reason... I ran out and found Les collapsed on the floor with Ellie by his side. I think the dogs saved his life. The dogs mean the world to me and I'm so proud of them. If Jones hadn't have come home, Les could have died."

You can read the full story at by clicking on the title link x x

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