Thursday, 16 September 2010

Little & Large

Check out these cutie-pies! Boo Boo, a tiny little chihuahua girl, weighs just 2 pounds and stands 4 inches tall and is the world's smallest doggie. Yesterday at Central Park in New York, she met George... the world's largest dog! He weighs 245 pounds & stands 43 inches tall!! Boo Boo's owner, Lana, said she is her little miracle after vet's did not expect her to make it. When she was born she was just an ounce! George is a gentle giant who sleeps on a queen size mattress at the end of his owners' bed & loves to play. The two got on well and Boo Boo was not scared of him - she went over to say to hello! Cute!! x x

If you would like to part of a Guinness World Record, come down to the Collingbourne K9 Festival on Saturday 18th and be part of the largest simultaneous sit!! We will be there with our stall in the shopping village & would love to meet you! :) x


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